Edwin van den Heuvel


Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology and Boston University


Edwin van den Heuvel, PhD

Prof. Edwin van den Heuvel is an all-round research data scientist who has specialized in biostatistics. He works in the areas of mathematical, industrial, pharmaceutical and medical statistics. He has held several professorship positions at different universities, but is currently affiliated with the Eindhoven University of Technology and Boston University. His current research lies at the interplay of statistics and (life course) epidemiology. His goal is to develop customized data analytic solutions for empirical research questions from the life sciences and health that are both theoretically and practically sound. More specifically, Prof. Edwin van den Heuvel’s research focuses on developing, improving, comparing and implementing data analytic methods for the analysis of complex structured life sciences and health data (e.g. high-dimensional temporal data and multi-study data). He has contributed to innovative data analytics for (1) longitudinal data analysis of observational studies and randomized clinical trials, (2) advanced aggregate and individual participant data meta-analysis, (3) retrospective harmonization of multiple large data sets, and (4) reliability of measurement systems for health, biology and psychology. His research heavily involves and makes use of linear, non-linear and generalized-linear mixed models.