To complement your SPA 2021 experience, we’ve created a Discord server where you can use text chat, voice channels, share content, hang out, and discuss SPA 2021 topics and learnings with fellow participants. Each text and voice channel has been customized to mirror daily events and activities, and we encourage you to use this platform to get to know one another and to help you navigate the SPA 2021 program.

Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. To create a Discord account, click here.
  2. Use the link sent to you in your email to join the SPA 2021 Discord server. You can also share this link to invite other SPA 2021 attendees.
  3. Once you join, you will be guided by SPA 2021 staff and admins to help you get started and to answer any questions. We hope to chat with you there!
  4. Not too familiar with Discord? Check out this Beginner’s Guide to learn more!