About SPA 2021

Longitudinal studies on aging: Understanding health span and longevity

Quality population-based longitudinal data can be instrumental in spurring mechanistic and translational research activities, addressing the needs of the current aged population, and providing ongoing insight into the needs and requirements of future aging cohorts.

In collaboration with the CIHR Institute of Aging and with support and guidance from McMaster University and the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA), SPA 2021 will provide you with advanced training around the theme of longitudinal studies on aging in a program that crosses disciplines, institutions, and geographical boundaries.

The program will include lectures, small-group sessions with mentors, and a social calendar to help you connect with attendees.  

Your virtual meeting place

Since we will not be gathering in person this year, this website will be your virtual meeting place. It will act as the central hub for information, pre-work resourcesprogram links, social calendar links and to connect online with fellow participants. 

Over the course of SPA, several platforms will be used for seminars, discussions, collaborative work and social engagement. To streamline access, all links will be made available through the program and daily calendar sections on this website.

No downloads will be required, although some platforms may require a sign-in. Of particular importance, you will need a Google account for collaborative work. If you do not have one already, please create a Google account as soon as possible. We also encourage you to share your experience using the #SPA2021 Twitter hashtag and by joining our Discord server to chat to connect with other SPA participants.  

Making the most of your SPA 2021 experience

SPA 2021 will be casual, so please plan to dress comfortably. We have several online social activities lined up, including a virtual murder mystery, our platinum sponsored event. Other social events will include a book club, a virtual campfire, trivia, and a job fair where you can mingle with potential future employers.  We encourage you to participate in all of the learning sessions and as many activities as possible in order to gain the most from your SPA experience. Synergies are often discovered and lifelong career connections formed during SPA social events.

We look forward to meeting you at our opening reception on May 2. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please feel free to contact Alison Outtrim or Kara Aaserud at mirainfo@mcmaster.ca